About Us

Our origins begin years ago as a LEGO® parts store on Bricklink out of a desire to support our LEGO® passion. Years later, we're one of the largest Bricklink and BrickOwl stores in Northern California. We're also the North American distributor for IDisplayIt, selling their custom LEGO® display cases and stands. Here at Kingdom Brick Supply we pride ourselves with the fastest shipping times, largest selection of products, and highest customer satisfaction! We strongly believe in LEGO's slogan: "Only the best is good enough" and we're proud to incorporate it into everything we do.

Our other sites:

Main Site: www.kingdombricksupply.com
Bricklink: bricklink.kingdombricksupply.com
BrickOwl: brickowl.kingdombricksupply.com


Have a question or a product request? Here's how to reach us: